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Dec 17, 2023

Effectiveness of DEI programs can be measured in multiple ways. The most common measurements of participation rates, number of programs and ERG activities are ineffective at measuring impact to the organization. Yet, there are better measurements that do address impact.

To better assess impact, start by asking the question, “What problem is our DEI program trying to solve at our organization?” Is it turnover, engagement or innovation, perhaps? Then get granular with the data that will measure whether that problem is being addressed.

DEI is more than a program. It is a series of intentional and consistent actions that are embedded in the organization’s culture. Consider these ideas to evaluate DEI program effectiveness:

  1. Diversity of talent pools in the hiring process
  2. Retention of diverse talent
  3. Perceptions of inclusion
  4. Diversity of leadership representation
  5. Middle-management engagement

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