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Proven techniques, strategies, and tools to develop women leaders, build male allies, and promote gender equality.

Nov 7, 2021

Shanti Bright Brien is a criminal defense attorney and co-Founder of Fogbreak Justice, a national organization that collaborates with criminal justice professionals, civic leaders and business change-makers who are serious about fairness, equity and inclusion. On the Diversity Pivot Podcast, we're having tough conversations about privilege, inclusion, and leadership journeys. Shanti joins the podcast to share vulnerably about:

- The criminal justice system has become one of the most obvious examples of systemic racism
- Being an ally means knowing how to support in the way people need and want it
- The importance of truly understanding the problem before trying to address systemic change

Connect with Shanti at Fogbreak Justice and get her book Almost Innocent: From Searching to Saved in America’s Criminal Justice System and meet Julie at