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Apr 20, 2019

Is your industry male-dominated?  

Name an industry that is female-dominated...

The usual answers are:  non-profit, health care, and education.  While women are employed at higher levels in these industries, they are not equally represented at a leadership level.

While women make up 76% of teachers in the US, they are only 16% of university presidents and 52% of principals.  Women are 70% of the health care industry's workers, and just 30% of leadership team members.  In non-profit, women are just 18% of CEO's while they are 75% of the workforce.

Lead like an ally, and challenge the perception of this excuse.  There is no such thing as a female-dominated industry.  Measure gender equality in your organization, check bias in the workplace, and call out microaggressions (non-inclusive behaviors) that tend to affect women.

We are stronger together.  We are ONE.

McKinsey Women in the Workplace: