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Proven techniques, strategies, and tools to develop women leaders, build male allies, and promote gender equality.

May 17, 2019

Today's hot topic came from an audience question in one of my talks this week. 

What do you do when you have a non-ally?

While, I would argue many men are allies in training or want to be an ally, what do you do when they truly do not want to engage as an ally?

To address this, I explain what a microaggression is and why they matter, and share a framework for a candid conversation about bad behavior.

First, ask yourself, are they aware of the behavior? (likely not)

Second, is the behavior intentional? (again, likely not)

Then, help them become aware and/or realize their intentions do not match the perception.

Resist delaying this conversation, because if you do not say something, you are saying it is okay.