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Proven techniques, strategies, and tools to develop women leaders, build male allies, and promote gender equality.

Nov 29, 2020

Ekta Goel, seasoned HR leader and diversity champion, joins the Next Pivot Point podcast to share her own personal journey along with helpful strategies to lead inclusively.

Together, we explore:

  • Gender biases in the US and abroad forcing women to prove it again
  • How the motherhood penalty affects women adversely in...

Nov 22, 2020

Minda Harts, bestselling author of the book The Memo:  What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table joins the Next Pivot Point podcast to share how Corporate America can engage women of color.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why courage is necessary to lead inclusively 
  • How to look outside yourself to be...

Nov 15, 2020

Roshaunda Green was named one of the 30 must follow D&I thought leaders on transforming the workplace.  She joins the podcast to explore:

  • The DIBs framework for diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace
  • How to embed DIBs into your overall business strategy and goals
  • A window into a day in the life of DIBs...

Nov 8, 2020

Todd Shickel is a senior executive in Corporate America.  He joins the Next Pivot Point podcast to share his own white male ephiphany journey and why it is hard for white men to engage in the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation.  Together, we unpack:

  • His white male epiphany stories from an early age to now
  • The...

Nov 1, 2020

Kasia Urbaniak is author of Unbound:  A Woman's Guide to Power.  She joins the Next Pivot Point podcast to discuss:

  • Insidious power is hard to see and why
  • The temporary chaos created when women express power
  • "Good girl" conditioning and the role of men in the conversation on gender equality

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