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Proven techniques, strategies, and tools to develop women leaders, build male allies, and promote gender equality.

Oct 1, 2018

Being an ally can be lonely.  In this episode, Eric Brotman and Sheryl Brown both share their candid conversation of being the one of the only men or women in a business setting.  The finance industry, as with most industries, is not gender diverse, yet Eric and Sheryl have both leveraged their voices to make a positive impact on their industry. 

Eric joined a women in finance organization as an early ally in the 1990’s, and has since achieved gender equality in his own financial advising business with 50/50 male and female partners.  While he admits to not having the secret recipe for gender equality, he attributes his firm’s success to hiring for the right skill sets.  As the leader, he makes sure that his team looks for strong listening skills, collaboration, and relationship-focused skill sets and hires and rewards those skills.  As a firm, they also focus on unseeing gender difference in the workplace, and park their own unconscious bias.

As Eric’s ally, Sheryl Brown, leader of the Females in Finance community, also shares her story.  She is an accidental activist of gender neutralization.  Since being one of the only women in the room, she has made it her purpose to advocate for more women in the finance space.  She now provides resources to women for professional development to advance in finance.

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